Checking &
Holding Fixtures

Device used mainly in the automotive industry for dimensional verification of parts and assemblies. It has to have integral elements that make physical contact with part datum features (RPS´s). It tipically holds parts as they would be held when assembled.

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Assembly devices are manual o automatic tooling used to locate the parts in the right posición among 2 or more that Will be joined using some method like welding, pressing, riveted, etc. ensuring the assembly.

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SERMAQ has lathes and CNC machining 3 & 5 axis with the latest tecnology and from the more recognized brands in the industry to offer our clients high precisión standards and the best Surface finishes.

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Our HERA 20.10.9 bridge type COORD 3 Coordinate measuring machine has strokes for edition X = 2000 mm; Y = 1000 mm; Z = 850 mm, which is in a room with controlled temperature at 20 ° C.

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We conceptualize ideas of useful and functional elements that provide solutions to the requirements of our clients. We carry out 2D, 3D designs and process simulation of different devices, equipment and systems.

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Process automation involves developing from the conception of mechanical and electrical design to commissioning, making use of current technologies, industrial robots and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

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Our design team develops engineering and other planning requirements for various electrical control circuits.

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We have the ability to work with our clients' programming standards or develop new ones as required. Our programmers are familiar with the major brands used in the industry such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Fanuc, ABB and Kuka.

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Checking and holding fixtures, design, development and certification.


CNC Machining 5 & 3 axys, EDM, Waterjet, Powder coat.


Projects created from scratch, design and development, final tests.

Who we are?

Teamwork and our experience are the fundamental bases of the quality that identifies us.

We are a company of the metal-mechanical sector founded since 2003; we provide services mainly to the automotive industry; We offer a comprehensive service to your requirements in the development of projects, design, manufacture of tools and devices, automation and precision industrial machining, offering the highest levels of quality, which positions us as leaders in this field.

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Sermaq Quality Commitment

We evaluate the satisfaction of each of our clients, exceeding in each project their expectations.

Precise Tools

Precise Ideas

Precise Results



I have a professional impression of SERMAQ, I´ve had the oportunity of inspecting and working with some others machining companies in countries like EUA, GERMANY, SPAIN, CHINA and Eastern Europe, and when I met SERMAQ, it was a good impression regarding to 5’s, design áreas, laboratory and production áreas, and make me think that for machining and gages in general, we have a high level of knoledge and experience in Mexico.

I see commitment from the direction to the technical and support áreas looking for solutions for meet Benteler expectations. For the above, it has made to consider SERMAQ as a “BUSINESS PARTNER” for BENTELER DE MEXICO.

Mi sincere appreciation for each of the personnel in SERMAQ and I invite them to always look for the continuous improvement in each of the different processes.

Victor Aquino

Program Manager Chassis
BU Chassis & Modules Product Group

It´s a pleasure to recommend SERMAQ, company that complies with all the charactetistics and necessary qualities for manufacturing presicion components and/or devices for process control in the industry.

This company, has among other advantages, assure the quality, cost and delivery time in hired services, in the same way, assure complete reliance, thus offer a customized service, also SERMAQ has the necessary infraestructura for developing a producto the meets the demanding market needs, for that, we´ve been working together for 7 years. I highly recommend SERMAQ.

Ing. Cesar A. Garcia Cortés

Leader of Inspection Technologies BENTELER

I want to congratulate and recommend the SERMAQ company for the commitment it has regarding its manufacture and quality, during these 3 years that I have been working I have been able to be part of its excellent commitment and attention to the client.

Always with the best disposition to deliver the devices in a timely manner, excellent service attitude from all the people who collaborate in this excellent company. SERMAQ An excellent option in design and construction of Devices.

Raul Gonzalez Carpinteiro

Metrology Chief | HBPO Management Services

I feel comfortable working with the SERMAQ team, for the responsibility and compliance they show in each of their projects, the quality of their product is incomparable, since they consider the ergonomics of use and ease of verification, I highly recommend it as a supplier for all this professionalism and experience.

Dulce María Domínguez Alavez

Measurement Tool Development | PEASA

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